UK Limited Company for A Non-Resident Director- Made Easy

It is very easy to form a UK limited company for a non-resident director. The application process and other legal requirements are also the same for a non-resident director. It does not matter where the director resides.

Three ways to form a limited company in the UK

The following are the ways you can form a UK limited company for a non-resident director.

  • You can register online, through a website or a company formation agent.
  • Companies House web service also helps you form a private limited company online.
  • You can get a paper application from Companies House, fill it up, and send it by post.

The easiest way to form a limited company in the UK is to use a formation agent. Your applications can be approved in just 3 to 6 hours. This is because everything is faster and is online.

You don?t need to be in the UK, nor do you have to waste your time by speaking to someone on the phone, posting documents and to get all the necessary paperwork signed in person. You can just send or deliver your important documents online which is always more convenient.

Starting a limited company in the UK


  • The first thing you need to do to start a UK limited company for a non-resident director is to get your company registered with Companies House. Companies Houses can be found in England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland.
  • For the least, you need one director or one shareholder to start your company (one person can take both these positions).
  • You need to get your office address registered. This will be the official address for your The address has to be in the same UK jurisdiction where your new company will be incorporated.

Company director residence

The residence of a person applying to be a company director is not important. The director can or cannot be a UK resident. He can live anywhere in the world to be a director of a limited company in the United Kingdom.

Visiting UK

The directors of the limited company are also not required to visit the UK. Even a person who has never been to the UK can be a director of a limited company in the UK.

Visiting the UK for company bank account

It is not required for a non-resident United Kingdom director to be in the UK when the company opens its bank account. If the bank has a branch in the director?s home country, the director does not need to visit the United Kingdom.

Company taxation

A company?s taxation will be according to the United Kingdom taxation laws. Regardless of where the director of the company lives.

In some cases, the non-UK residents can submit a claim saying that they are not a UK resident, therefore, should not pay the UK taxes. The application may be accepted.

So, as you know now, to start a limited company in the UK for a non-resident director is pretty much the same as a UK resident. For more information and guidance you can contact us on our website.