How to complete a UK company registration with ease

UK company registration requires you to register your company in the UK. The resources that you require to set up your business depend on what sort of business you want to do. It also takes into consideration whether or not you will be hiring any help, providing employment and so on. To register your own company, first, write up a business plan. You might also want to think about getting a business assistant and the required amount of business training. Choose a business location and then finance it according to your business needs. It is essential to determine the legal structure of your business. You must also register a business name which will help people in knowing your company.

How to set up a company?

In UK, company registration has been made very simple. If you are willing to run your company as a private limited company, it?s really easy! You can run the company as a private limited company, meaning that it is legally separate from the people who run it, with separate finances from that of your personal ones. And you are legible to keep any profits that you make, after paying taxes.

Choosing a name for your company in the UK

You need to choose the name for your company that cannot be same as any other existing company.

Company address

You need to register an address where the letters and similar official documents from other companies and businesses can be received or sent. The address must be in the same country where your business is located. Your registered company must hold a physical address in UK.

Appoint directors

Appointing directors gives you the satisfaction that your registered company is in good hands. Directors are responsible for managing the accounts of the company. According to the UK company registrationrules, the directors don?t have to live in UK but the companies must be registered in UK and hold an official address.

Majority of the companies that are registered in the UK are generally limited by shares. This is the standard business structure that UK company registrationoffers.

UK company registration has formed this business structure in order to generate profits for the owners of the registered company. This business structure in the UK is widely recognized, since it allows you to share the profits amongst the shareholders whilst also catering to restrict financial liability. If the company is having any sort of financial crisis, the personal assets of the employee will be protected.

UK company registration becomes easy if you have everything that your company requires to set up. Let?s look at some easy ways to register your company in the UK.

  • You can register your company online
  • Register by post
  • You can also use an agent to register your company
  • If your company is based overseas, in this scenario, you can contact UK trade and investment for advice on how to register overseas.

Once your company has been registered in the UK, you will receive a certificate of incorporation. This certificate will confirm a company?s legal status and operations.