How to register a company name

Now that you are thinking of starting a new company and the next important step you must take is to decide a name and get it registered under the Companies House. Before you plan anything ahead, you should get this registration done at your earliest to avoid future confusions. The Companies House is the government body that handles many tasks pertaining to incorporation issues of companies. In fact, UK is identified to be among the friendliest environments for business to emerge and grow. That is why many business ventures grow at rapid speed here in the UK. Due to this popularity itself, there is an immense competition out there virtually in all the sectors. Considering all these facts, picking up the right kind of name is exceptionally important for your business.

What should you do to register a company name?

If you possess the necessary knowledge pertaining to the legal procedure, registering a company name in the UK is a very simple process. Here are the vital moves you must make during the process.

  • Select a name for your company

Selecting the right kind of name is an exceptionally important aspect. Modern business environment is immensely competitive and a catchy name can play a major role. The name you select for your business will be the brand of it. Consider a name that appears good in all the media. ?Make it an attractive as well as defining for success.

  • Check with the Companies House

You should make sure that the name you picked is unique. Submit the name to the Companies House (they maintain a record of already existing, registered company names) and check for the availability before proceeding further.? As per the law, two or more companies cannot exist under the same name; therefore, make sure that you have your name checked. Also, it is good to pick several alternative names (up to 6) in case if the original name is not available. Apart from that, you must check with the Trade Marks Register of the UK Intellectual Property too. Such approach will ensure that you don?t infringe any of the existing trademarks and it will be great assistance for you to stay away from potential conflicts.

  • Obtain a physical address

You must get a physical address within England, Scotland or Wales to register a company name. This will be the hub for all the correspondence pertaining to official communication of the respective business.

  • Get into the registration process

You must duly fill the forms 10 and 12. These forms include information pertaining to assets and liabilities of the company and even the policies of the functionality of the company. The completed forms should be then submitted to the Companies House for further proceedings.

Most of the time, businesses seek the assistance of professional company formation agents to ease the process from the beginning. Such approach will help you to save considerable amount of time and let you to focus on other matters related to your business.