How to create a confirmation statement?

Your company must deliver a confirmation statement in a year. It should be done for at least once in one year. You have to submit it even if your company is dormant. In case if you don?t submit this confirmation statement, there is a chance that you will face some serious consequences. For example, the registrar mat assumes that your company is not operating currently. Once the registrar has stroked your company out of the register, the assets will become the property of the crown. While the company is operating, its director or the official people will submit the confirmation statement.

What is the confirmation statement?

A confirmation statement is a statement about that contains general information about the director of the company and secretary. Moreover, the address of the registered office, share capital, shareholders and the information about other people who has a control over the company. In the past, every company has to fill out all the details with the annual return but now you just have to check and confirm all the details about your company. If the company has not undergone any changes from the last incorporation of the information, the same confirmation statement can be sent to the authorities with a simple and a plain check.

Creating the confirmation statement:

For the creation of this statement, you need to follow some basic guidelines and you need to have all the related information. It can be made with the help of different software that is developed for this purpose or by completing a form CS01. The statement must contain the name of the company and the date of confirmation. Moreover, the filled information needs to be signed by the authorities of the company. However, there are certain situations in which you need to inform the authorities first before submitting your confirmation statement. These situations include the following:

  • The relevant events that were carried out during the time period of confirmation.
  • If there is a change in the statement of capital.
  • A change in the principle activities of the business
  • A change in the standard industrial classification (SIC) code
  • If there is a change in the information related to the people working who has a significant control in the company
  • Change in the trading status of the shares
  • Change in the shareholder?s information

For submitting the confirmation statement of your company, you need to have all the information. For checking whether your company has all the information or not, you can check the register of your company by getting an access to the company?s entry on the register through online services. You need to submit your confirmation statement even if no changes has occurred. However, make sure you already inform the authorities about the major changes in the company, for example, change of the name or the official address.