Steps of Company Registration in UK

If you want to start up a business in UK there are some steps to be followed for company register UK.

Listed below are the steps included in registering company in UK.

Steps for Company Register UK:

  1. The process of company register UK is fairly easy and affordable. Numerous websites are available to assist you in automating the process of interacting with the Companies House.
  1. If you want to create a business, you shall need a Limited Company. A private limited company has various benefits and holds legal rights of an individual while offering protection to shareholders against the liabilities of the business. You will need to maintain the accounts and company accounts and documents with Companies House.
  1. While company register UK, you need to have a great company name as it could prove to be a real asset to the business. There are numerous rules over what can be chosen as a company name. But most importantly it should be different and does not exist already.
  1. In order to company register UK, several pieces of information need to be ready. It includes the name of company, a registered UK office address for official mail, the aim of company, shared capital details, details of the company director and secretary, details of the initial shareholder (it could be the company director) lastly some identifying information of each shareholder shall be required for security reasons like father?s first name, mother?s maiden name, contact number, eye color and National Insurance number.
  1. A constitution of company comprises of Memorandum and Articles of Association. Memorandum is a short document that includes the standard clauses. It needs to be filed with Companies House as part of company register UK.

The Articles of Association is the rule book of the company. It defines how the companies is to be run by the directors.

  1. After all the relevant documents and information has been collected, it needs to be sent to Companies House for approval.

You could file online using software. The standard fee is ?10.

You could take help from the Companies House?s online portal that has the standard fee ?12.

Paper filing shall cost you ?40. You are required to send the IN01 form along with supporting documents to the right office.

  1. Now you need to wait for the company register UK to be approved by the Companies House that shall conduct some information checks. Using Inform Direct if you file online, your company shall be approved quickly.
  1. After approval, some necessary formalities need to be taken care of. You need to hold a meeting of the directors to that. This needs to be done in the initial weeks.
  1. After company register UK you need to do a number of essential tasks. These may include:

Setting up a company bank account

Registering with HMRC as well as registering for VAT

Setting up and registering PAYE for employees

If you want to be found online, setting up a website

Register a trademark if it is the requirement for your business.

Hope you found this article useful!