Company Registration in the UK for Non-Residents: Is It Possible?

The process of the formation and company registration in the UK for non-residents is same as for a UK resident. Many people get confused and think that the company registration in the UK for non-residents must be difficult. It doesn?t matter where in the world you live to register your company.

Are you thinking of starting a company in the UK as a non-resident? If yes, then you don?t need to worry because by learning about the process you can register your company in the UK now!

Ways to register your company

The following are the ways to register a company in the UK for non-residents

  • In this day of technology, it is easier to register your company. You can register your company online.
  • You can also get your company registered with the Companies House online by its web services.
  • Companies House also takes applications in papers. You can get an application from the Companies House and fill it up. After filling, you can send it by post.

The easiest way to register your company using aforementioned points is to register it online through a formation agent. Formation agents are more experienced and willing to help potential company owners. You don?t need to be in the UK to register your company online. You can be anywhere in the world and register it online from your computer. Registering online is more convenient because you don?t need to go out, get the documents ready and post it. It also saves the time you waste on the phone to explain everything regarding your company registration.

How to register you company

  • You need a complete registration of an overseas company which is opening a UK establishment application. The form would be OS IN01
  • The standard fee for the company registration would be ?20.
  • You would need a certified copy of the company?s constitutional Which include charter, statute, memorandum and the articles of association etc. you may need a certified English translation if the original language on the documents is not English.
  • You may also need a copy of the company?s latest set of accounts.


If the fee is not included, the documents may get rejected.

Companies House

To start, to end or to merge a company you need the approval of the Companies House UK. It is the organization where all the registration and other processes of the company?s take place. The basic function Companies Houses is to register the limited companies of the United Kingdom( registration is not required if there is no physical presence in the UK).

The Companies houses are available in the United Kingdom, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

Company registration in the UK for non-residents is easier than the past now. You can get your company registered yourself with our guidance. If not, then you can hire a formation agent. Hiring a formation agent is better because he has more experience and it will save your time