Business name registration process

Do you want to set up your new company in the UK? There are some important points you need to consider while setting up a business for the first time. No matter what the size of your business is, you need to have a proper name that will be specific in nature. However, there is a legal process that should be followed for business name registration.

Select the name of the company:

Before getting into the details of legal processes that are required for the name registration, you should select the name first. Whether it is a private or a public company, make sure you have a proper legal name. One thing you need to consider is that the rules are different for the business partnerships and sole traders.

Another point for consideration is that the name you will choose should be unique enough. It should not be already used by any of the organisation before. Moreover, if the name you are selecting has a lot of similarity to another company?s name, it is better that you change it. In this way, you will be able to avoid any kind of future complaints. If you are establishing a limited company then the name will include ?Limited? or ?Ltd?.

Too similar company names:

There are times when different companies have names that are almost same. If one of them files a complaint against the other company and it will be accepted by the Companies house, then one of them will have to change the name. This occurs only in situations when the complaining company has registered the name way before the other company. In the case of complaints, Companies house will contact you on its own if they think that the name is quite similar.

Almost same company names:

Almost same or same as company names are those type of names that contains only a slight different. Although both of these names can be registered but if one of them complains about the name, the other will have to change. The same as company names can be identified through the following points:

  • Usage of special characteristics
  • Punctuations
  • A character or a word that looks similar in appearance or in meanings
  • A character or a word that is being commonly used in the company names of the UK

Another important point you must keep in mind is that the business name registration process of any company should be flawless. It should not contain anything offensive for anyone. Moreover, it should also not contain sensitive words or expressions. The business name registration process should be followed in a flawless manner.

There are certain situations in which you don?t have to use the word limitation in the name of the company. Before going through the business name registration process, do consider what is written in the law of the UK.